¡Es la hora de aventura!

So, some of my students really like Adventure Time, and I really like Adventure Time, so why not let our amor for AT overflow into the FL class? Turns out, there are two “Spanish” versions of Adventure Time — “Hora de Aventura” (Español Latino) and “Hora de Aventuras” (España). I watched a few episodes of “Hora de Aventura” — it’s so much fun, and the voice-actors truly do a phenomenal job of incorporating useful idiomatic expressions. Here’s a link to an episode on YouTube called “Amor Lento“:

After watching the episode, many students were able to point out many words we’d previously covered in class (Idea: Use wiffiti.com for feedback). They really enjoyed watching it, even without the English subtitles! Here’s an activity we did with Adventure Time characters and extending/accepting/declining invitations:

And here are some fabulous end results:

Creado por R. Myers

Creado por J. Gonzáles

Watch more “Hora de Aventura” episodes here.

Proyecto: Mis comidas favoritas

Google Voice is an online voicemail service that can be easily adapted to assess oral presentations without putting students on the spot. It’s easy to set up, and it even gives you a “Google number” that you can give to your students so they can leave you voice messages using their cellphones.

Last year, I tried this out for the first time during a unit on food and healthy eating habits. My students (novice-level) filled out a brief script in which they indicated what they eat and drink for breakfast and lunch. Then, they were asked to call the Google number to record their messages.

Many of them were really afraid to call! The thought of getting only one chance to record a message with good Spanish pronunciation really intimidated them, but they seemed excited to receive feedback via text and also to see their recordings posted on the website. Next time, I would love to incorporate spontaneity using Google voice, but perhaps this would be more suited for intermediate and advanced levels. How have you used Google Voice in your classroom?

Here are some the submitted messages categorized by class period.

Primera hora          10/22 total students = 45%

Travis Acord:

Download: cD82yigt

Raquel Bañuelos:

Download: sQfrBfu0

T. C. Bliss:

Download: h2Um9bKD

Rebecca Boggs:

Download: OukU8it2

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