¡Es la hora de aventura!

So, some of my students really like Adventure Time, and I really like Adventure Time, so why not let our amor for AT overflow into the FL class? Turns out, there are two “Spanish” versions of Adventure Time — “Hora de Aventura” (Español Latino) and “Hora de Aventuras” (España). I watched a few episodes of “Hora de Aventura” — it’s so much fun, and the voice-actors truly do a phenomenal job of incorporating useful idiomatic expressions. Here’s a link to an episode on YouTube called “Amor Lento“:

After watching the episode, many students were able to point out many words we’d previously covered in class (Idea: Use wiffiti.com for feedback). They really enjoyed watching it, even without the English subtitles! Here’s an activity we did with Adventure Time characters and extending/accepting/declining invitations:

And here are some fabulous end results:

Creado por R. Myers
Creado por J. Gonzáles

Watch more “Hora de Aventura” episodes here.

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